NA Meetings in BC

Addiction is a disease of ego and physical dependence psychologically speaking. Spiritually it is a disease of separation.

Perception is a funny thing. Perception is not the truth; it is not reality. It is a view of reality we have made. For our perceptions to reflect reality it must be aligned with truth. Truth can only be seen when we undo ego.
In the real world of people, emotions and healing, our perception is the basis on which we interact with others.

When we turn our lives over to the love and care of our Higher Power and align our will with His, our perception changes because our ego begins to undo. This is not easy, and yet it is simple.

So this undoing of ego or perceived β€œME” or β€œI” is healing. It allows us to see who we are and perceive through ourselves not some convoluted distorted reflection of past associations and events.

May you see the day and those around you with and through the eyes of your loving caring Higher Power, though it is written as a blessing, it is inevitable. We all do see the rest of the world through the eyes of our Higher Power.

Narcotics Anonymous is for more than alcoholics or drug addicts, and it is for people whose lives have been touched by dysfunction caused by the disease. This happens with caregivers of long-term illnesses and terminal illnesses as well as for people with addictions and codependency issues.