Medical Detox

Medical detox is essentially an aided withdrawal process. It is a procedure that mandates the use of proven medicines to ease the withdrawal symptoms. These medicines are issued under the care and supervision of qualified medical professionals.

Physical withdrawal symptoms from the cessation of drug or alcohol consumption could be very hard. Some may experience nausea, delirium tremens, cramps, shaking, bone aches and even seizures.

Withdrawal symptoms could also be composed of anxiety, panic attack and drug-induced psychosis. Since detox from certain drugs and alcohol can be a danger to your health and life, proper medical supervision for the full duration of the withdrawal process is required.

Medical Detox

A full medical assessment to determine what level of medication is required, along with types of supportive therapy, nutrition and health plans. Each experience with drugs and alcohol is different. That is why a medical detoxification program is based on an individual’s personal situation. A medical detox clinic minimizes any withdrawal symptoms and helps ease the mental anxiety associated with the detoxification process.

Medical detox will monitor your vital signs regularly. They will also supervise and monitor the dosage of medicine to ensure the smoothest detox possible. The duration of a withdrawal process differs from one individual to another, but stays in a detox center is usually 7-10 days. Opiates, prescription medication addiction or heavy alcoholics will require a more extended stay in a medical detox unit. A stay in a long term rehab center is usually strongly recommended upon completion of medical detox.