Addiction by Drugs

Drug Rehab Institute recognizes that addiction is not so easily pinpointed and usually is comprised of many elements. Most people are looking to define their addiction with a simple line in the sand, for example, “when I do this, it means I am an addict or alcoholic.”

The Evolution of Addiction

Addiction by Drugs

Addictions usually start with more benefits than consequences, making it easier to justify and overall endorse. Most people don’t just start with the mentality “all or nothing attitude” (depending on the substance). Dependency starts to weave its seductive fingers around life, usually very innocently. Promises that tell the user; “it’s okay, just a couple to take the edge off,” “everyone is doing it, so what’s the problem,” ”telling themselves when it starts to feel like I am out of control I’ll get help” and so on…

Many studies have been appointed to researching the “Whys.” Many factors play a part, such as environment, social impacts, genetics and self-esteem, for example. This is one of the most obvious reasons why Drug Rehab Institute takes a more in-depth look at the overall addiction’s contributing factors.

Addiction has not only dictated how the addict thinks, feels and perceives situations; it shapes the world they live in. When we look at drug abuse progression from “a” to “b,” for example, recreational to the social stage, we can see that the road is built with reasonably basic intentions; pleasure, acceptance, reduced stress and increased social activities.

This builds a belief system that “using” works, making it appear that we have things under control and nothing to worry about. When we start to mix this belief system with outside factors, genetics, social impacts, tolerance levels, ignorance and addictive properties, we begin to see how this can become a very dangerous runaway-train.

Addiction Consequences

Unfortunately, as you move further down the progression of addiction to the chronic stage or habitual stage, you’ll start to see the shift from benefits to consequences. Amazingly, as the consequences become more regular, so do the reasons for using the drink or the drugs!

This becomes the famous stage where the act is play to a mastery level. The blanket of denial at this point has been long covering the true nature of dysfunctions. We can start to see the direct challenges the addict faces with coming to realize the real grips of drug abuse. Addiction up until this point has had its fun rewards and benefits; however, now is starting to turn its ugly head and ask for commitment sometimes to the death.

How to Beat Addiction

Drug Rehab Institute considers all aspects of the individual (mind, physical, mental and spiritual). We believe a significant undertaking needs to take place for the person to address his addiction. Education, exercise, counselling, wonderful cosmetic treatment centres with Olympic lap pools are not enough.

Our point is that most people really don’t know what to look for when shopping for a treatment centre and usually fall prey ongoing for the “treatment adventure.” It’s not enough to have a counsellor sit across from a large group and deliver educational resources or have spa activities fill the day.

Drug Rehab Institute can help you find a drug rehab center that will always provide you excellent service, where you always have access to the staff, not just on scheduled times once a week or every two weeks. A treatment facility with a great staff per client ratio, small intimate group sizes, one-on-one counselling, dedicated counsellors, addiction specialists, certified facilitators, addiction support workers, screened clients who want to be in service, clinical assessments tailored to the individual and much more.

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