Saskatchewan Addiction Services

There is a solution for those caught in the cycle of addiction, for the husband with an alcohol problem or your kid struggling with heroin addiction. You can find help for any addiction; there are drug rehab centers available to help all Saskatchewan citizens. It simply requires a desire to change one’s life and go for something better. There are effective drug addiction treatment programs available in Saskatchewan and every province across Canada. Our drug rehab placement specialist has over twenty years of experience dealing with drug addiction and alcohol abuse; they are here to help you find the right addiction treatment service for your situation and needs.

First, you must decide: Is this is the life I want to live in? Running from the law, waking up not remembering what happened the night before, or being rushed to the ER for an overdose, living to find your next fix or bottle? This is no life. You can beat addiction and be happy and productive again. But you need to DO something; you need to call someone for help. Our drug rehab placement specialists can help; they know drug addiction and the facilities that can care for your needs and situation. Call today and find out which addiction services are best suited to your situation. You can take control of your life; thousand of persons suffering from addiction have done it, so can you.

Drug Problems in Saskatchewan

Despite drugs being brought into Canada through various entry points along our border, the main lines are coastal zones such as BC or Nova Scotia. Interestingly, all the illicit drugs that make it into the country and passed border security end up travelling through Saskatchewan. Many traffickers will get their illegal drugs all the way to Saskatchewan, drop off their load, get their payment, and from there, it gets distributed throughout the prairies.

The drug is such a social destroyer that billions are being spent each year to counter the continuous trafficking of these substances, not to mention the loss in productivity from those who suffer from drug addiction. Families are broken up, emergency wards are dealing daily with drug overdoses and every law enforcement and justice offices in all major cities across Canada have their hands full of criminal activity, most of which are related to drug addiction.

When a drug addict can no longer finance his or her daily habit, few solutions are left. Many resorts to dealing drugs to cover their daily expense, others will steal, and many end up prostituting to get their daily fix. It doesn’t matter if you live in Regina, Saskatoon, or elsewhere in Saskatchewan, drugs can and will find you by some means. Normally it will be right there at the moment of your weakest hour when things seem hopeless when you lost all direction in life. This is when drugs are usually presented. This is the moment to get someone hooked and dependent on it.

Detox for Alcohol Addiction

Drug rehab centers are essential to recovering from addiction, and there are different kinds of treatment available in Saskatchewan to deal with a variety of different addictions.

There are drug rehab centers that specialize in alcohol addiction, for example. But before someone struggling with alcohol abuse is admitted to a treatment facility, our addiction counsellors will have to determine whether the client requires medical detox.

Alcohol is sometimes not taken as seriously as some other drugs. Because many people consume alcohol in moderation, it is often not considered a great problem in addiction. In fact, alcohol is the one drug that you can die from stopping too abruptly – assuming the quantities consumed were great enough.

Under these circumstances, it necessary for the person suffering from alcohol addiction to undergo medical detox. Other drugs and medications– particularly opiate-like Heroin, Morphine, Fentanyl, Oxycontin, and Valium – may also require medical detox.

Once the physical hurdle from the withdrawal has been overcome, it is possible to get in a drug rehab center and end the down whirl spiral of addiction.

Type of Addiction Services in Saskatchewan

Are you dealing with a drug addiction problem? If so, there is a solution to your suffering. Drug addiction is a complex illness that is often difficult to resolve on your own. Entering a residential drug rehab center in Saskatchewan is an effective way to end your addiction and achieve recovery. Several types of addiction services are available in Saskatchewan to choose from, and they are listed below.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) is a 12-step program that is modelled on Alcoholics Anonymous. Anybody can join the group. No dues or fees are charged. Some people find great success with N.A. and attend meetings for life while others relapse and fail to get clean. A major downside of N.A. is that it is not as thorough as a drug treatment program. It probably isn’t sufficient for those who suffer from severe drug addiction problems.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Center

Outpatient drug rehab centers in Saskatchewan enable addicts to attend therapy and treatment sessions in the daytime and return home in the evening. While outpatient treatment programs may work for people who only have mild drug abuse problems, they are usually ineffective for those dealing with severe addiction issues. Not only are outpatient treatment programs inadequate for helping patients cope with withdrawal symptoms, but they also do not remove addicts from the environment that caused them to use drugs in the first place. When addicts are surrounded by the same friends, problems, and bad habits that led them to use drugs back home, they have a much harder time recovering from addiction.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Center

There are two types of inpatient treatment programs: short-term and long-term. Short-term inpatient treatment programs typically last for 15-21 days. Short-term inpatient programs aren’t usually long enough to address the underlying issues of drug abuse. They only allow enough time for patients to get through withdrawal and do not treat the causes of addiction.

Long-term inpatient treatment programs are the most effective type of drug rehab centers in Saskatchewan. They allow patients enough time to get through withdrawal, address the causes of their addiction, and then teach them the life skills necessary to stay drug-free. Long-term drug rehab treatment centers also teach patients how to lead healthier lives by helping them develop a routine that includes a healthy diet, exercise, and rest.

Long-term inpatient drug rehab centers have the highest success rates. If you have a drug problem and want to achieve wellness, consider enrolling in a long-term inpatient program. While other treatment options may be helpful to some extent, they won’t provide you with the emotional support and therapy you need to overcome your addiction truly. Why dabble in one treatment after another, only to relapse and go back to using drugs? By getting the right type of addiction treatment you need in the first place, you can save yourself the trouble and achieve recovery much faster.