Newfoundland Addiction Services

When a loved one is struggling with an addiction problem, it becomes in some way a problem for their respective families and friends. If you are ready to solve this issue, we can help. Our addiction counsellor can answer your questions and give you more information about effective alcohol and drug rehab centers. We can help you resolve any drug or alcohol addiction problems you or your loved one might have.

It doesn’t matter your drug of choice, whether it’s crack cocaine, pot, crystal meth, prescription drugs like Oxycontin, Percocet, morphine or even alcohol; we have addiction treatment that can help.


Addiction Services

For immediate assistance in locating an alcohol or drug rehab center. 

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Newfoundland Drug Rehab Centers

Our service to you is free of cost. We do the initial screening process, the case assessment and will find the right drug addiction treatment center in Newfoundland or elsewhere in Canada if need be. Drug abuse is a serious health issue, and we take this very personal; we know how addiction can destroy relations, family, friends, etc. Our drug rehab placement specialists can guide you to find an effective drug rehab center.

Our counsellors have many years of experience in the field of addiction. They know what it takes to overcome drug abuse and guide you to choose the right drug rehab center. Some drug treatment centers only deliver group counselling sessions, and others will have daily personalized addiction counselling. In contrast, other drug rehab centers will be faith-based and need some religious belief to overcome addiction. There are dozens of different approaches treating drug addiction, and the one you choose will determine the level of successful recovery you achieve.

To receive immediate help with locating an addiction treatment center, call 1-877-909-3636 and speak with one of our drug rehab placement specialists. They can get all your questions answered on types of drug, rehab center and addiction treatment options available in Newfoundland.