Online Outpatient Addiction Treatment


Drug Rehab Institute understands that drug and alcohol treatments’ primary goal is to create a situation whereby the patient is provided with the best opportunity to gain.

Online Addiction Treatment includes therapies that help patients build long-lasting and healthy relationships. In addition to providing the foundation, Drug Rehab Institute is committed to an evidence-based and cognitive behavioural therapy to assist clients in having the best chance for success. We achieve this goal by developing individualized assessments to implement modalities that work and eliminate failing patterns.

Each patient will be individually assessed on a bio-psycho-social framework whereby the staff will assist the patient in addressing therapies and core issues related to their substance abuse.

Online Addiction Treatment may be a good option if:

  • You cannot quit work or take a leave of absence;
  • You want to be close to loved ones;
  • Can’t afford expensive inpatient alcohol abuse treatments;
  • Stuck on a long waiting list for a subsidized inpatient drug rehab center;
  • Completed an inpatient treatment program but want or need more support;
  • You have been clean and sober for a while, but afraid of relapsing.


We offer several different kinds of Online treatment options; Intensive Outpatient, Relapse Prevention Program and Aftercare services, including individual therapy sessions. Our outpatient services clients are encouraged to attend support groups, like12-step meetings and keep in touch with others recovering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Online Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Our Online Outpatient drug treatment offers a positive abstinence support system that has been customized to perfection after years of clinical study and research. Our outpatient programs involve one-on-one counselling, drug and alcohol education, relapse prevention, goal setting and programming, and implemented in conjunction with a patient-specific care plan.

Online outpatient treatment usually involves around 10 to 20 hours of one-on-one counselling spread over two or three days a week. You can also build a more personalized schedule and decide to have a session daily. Your consultant will be working with you to figure out what would be more beneficial for you.

Relapse Prevention Programming

Drug Rehab Institute offers extra support for graduates of an addiction treatment facility. The transition from the treatment setting back home is often a terrifying and tenuous time for those newly in recovery. It is a time when relapse behaviours can rear their ugly head almost without warning.

Relapse Prevention can be a critical component in assuring one’s ongoing recovery. One on one online consulting is offered and can address such vital issues as how to make new friends, how to teach loved ones how best to support you, how to live in a world with drugs and alcohol without relapse, how to find a job, communication skills, establishing boundaries and how to find quality 12-step meetings close to home.

At Drug Rehab Institute, we strive to offer our clients the best that the treatment world offers. We believe that by providing our clients with the full continuum of care, we offer them a fantastic opportunity for recovery and a life of purpose and meaning.

Aftercare Program

Recovery must include effect aftercare programs. Drug and alcohol treatment centers attempt to break the cycle of addiction so that new behaviours and new ways of thinking can begin to take root in the addict.

While these programs may succeed in getting the addict to stop taking their substance of choice and embrace a more healthy way of living, this is only the beginning of the journey.

An effective aftercare program is strongly recommended to be part of the overall treatment strategy to maximize long-term recovery chances. When someone has successfully completed an inpatient residential drug treatment program, they have to prepare to be re-integrated into the ” real ” world.

This has to be handled in a professional way to minimize the chances that the addict will merely resume their previous substance-using behaviour. It is through expertly crafted aftercare programs that the addict can be given the most help.

Inpatient drug treatment programs can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months. During this time, the addict is living in an environment that is far from their using past.

Our Online Aftercare Program can definitely help in that way. We provide customized individual counselling treatment and are coordinated to meet one’s requirements and special needs. We make sure that all angles are being covered, and that way, we increase your chance of having a successful recovery.

Overall, recovery can be challenging; however, the rewards of re-building a life without the need for drugs and alcohol far outweigh the devastating effects of drug and alcohol dependence.
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