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One of the first things that family members do when they find out that a close relative has an addiction to some drug is brushing it off as a phase; they are having a rough time. This is not true; anyone who is addicted to prescription drugs, marijuana, cocaine, pot or alcohol is fighting a great internal battle. Our experienced drug rehab placement specialists have worked in addiction for over twenty years and have seen everything out there. We know that people suffering from addiction, first and foremost, do not want to be addicted.

This is so true that if you were to offer a good solid risk-free drug addiction treatment program, more than 70 % of the addicts offered would jump on it. The other 30% are either too stoned to understand, or the amount of toxin consumed has compromised their ability to think. The point is no one really wants to be addicted to drugs or a bottle of alcohol. But what another choice is there, whenever the person attempts to stop, the physical withdrawal symptoms kick in, and the pain can be quite unbearable. Also, if the person did stop taking drugs or alcohol, the underlying issues that started the addiction would surface, and that above all, it makes drug addiction such a complex subject. Each addict is different from their own personal situation that must be dealt with for any chance at successful recovery to occur.

Our drug and alcohol addiction counsellors, over the many years, have established close ties with hundreds of addiction treatment centers in Prince Edward Island and across Canada. They can answer all your questions and can tell you about the various options available. When you contact our drug rehab placement specialist, he or she will do a short personal interview to gather pertinent information on your situation and needs. The addiction counsellor will present various options that best suit your situation and particular needs from this information.

Drug and alcohol addiction are serious issues, and if you have tried a locally funded addiction treatment center but did not get the expected results, we can help. We know drug and alcohol abuse can be overcome; thousands of people live productive, drug-free and happy lives. There is no reason you can’t also.

But to achieve this, it starts with the right drug rehab center and addiction treatment program. Call our counsellors today; with drug addiction, there is hope, and it can be beaten.

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Addiction in Prince Edward Island

A province with a colourful past and its main workforce being in the lumber and fishing industry Prince Edward Island has its share of hard times like any other province in Canada. With a population of just over 145,000, it is sometimes hard to keep up with society’s growing demands. With around a 9% unemployment rate come other problems such as lack of purpose, lowered self-esteem, lowering of morale, usually resulting in drug or alcohol abuse to alleviate this unwanted feeling followed by a rise in crime rate. The larger cities can only service so many, and there are more in need than can be serviced.

Prince Edward Island residents have lived through some rough times, and work is hard to find, finances aren’t buying what it used to, industries are shutting down, etc. these are all valid reason for someone to begin consuming some form of substance to shut out the unwanted feeling of failure. When people in a society are not permitted to contribute, their self-worth is diminished, causing them to feel less than they actually are. These feelings come in many forms, such as “depression,” “anxiety,” and “withdrawn,” but the medical field will usually prescribe a little pill to help override this feeling, and this leads to using other substances to overcome these unwanted feelings; thus the cycle of addiction.

Addiction: Is There Help Available in PEI

A professional addiction counsellor is there to help someone with their drug and alcohol abuse. This person will do the proper assessment to determine the extent of the addiction and be able to direct your friend, family member or you to a drug rehab center. With constant cuts to government supportive social programs, it’s no wonder there are more and more drug addicts and subsequent rise in crime rate. You will most often contact an addiction counsellor in your area, and he or she will direct you to the nearest drug rehab center. Of course, there is a good chance you may have to wait a month or two but rarely more than that.

If you cannot get the help or assistance you need right away, keep reading.

Drug Rehab Center in PEI

If you have tried to help someone or get help for yourself yet, found no resource to support your request, or you have used the local drug rehab center in Prince Edward Island more times than normal and need a new approach tailored just for you and your situation than our addiction counsellors are the people to contact. We specialize in helping the addict with their personal situation. We help locate a suitable drug rehab center that fits your needs, and the further from your hometown, the better; as any professional will agree, the first step addressing addiction is “change of environment.”

Our trained drug rehab placement specialists have years of experience with addiction and not just on the administrative level but real street know-how and can speak the language of the addict and bring them to accept help once again, so don’t wait for the inevitable call our addiction counsellors now 1 877-909-3636