NA Meetings in Manitoba


When a person has had a drug addiction in the past, the cravings and urges can rise even stronger than usual. So how does one combat these feelings? Manitoba has a great community of support in meeting rooms in practically every city or town; Narcotics Anonymous.

It is vital that a person who has recovered from a drug or alcohol addiction to realize that he or she is not alone. Memories, depression, pessimism can all set in.

Whatever the situation a person finds himself in, being able to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting and be with others who are feeling the same cravings, fighting the same demons, is a gift beyond measure during this hard time. Walking through the doors, you can immediately feel a sense of camaraderie as you can see in the faces of the others attending that they are similar souls dealing with same issues.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings can have their own celebratory feel. You have conquered a battle, you have won the war, and you are keeping your armour ready so that it continues to ward off the cravings and urgings. Just as a cowboy would go after cattle rustlers, people in Narcotics Anonymous would help you fight the darkness that can lead to a relapse.

Being part of one of these meetings do not just typify a person has had a substance abuse problem of some kind. No, it symbolizes that a person has taken steps to end the addiction and continues to fight the good fight.

These meetings bring optimism and hope. If you tell someone you are fighting a particularly strong urge; you will be surrounded with support, openness, understanding and combat buddies.

NA Meetings are crowded with members and newcomers struggling to deal with their recovery and if you are in a similar situation, then go to a meeting near you immediately. They run at all hours of the day and night depending on where you are. If you have not been attending a meeting, you should. The friends you make there will strengthen you. It will be the greatest gifts you can give yourself.