NA Meetings in New-Brunswick


The whole idea of the 12 steps is to have a “spiritual awakening” and adopt a lifestyle whereby we live by spiritual principals. Despite what you may have heard the steps are the program and living according to the principals is the goal.

The word spiritual is so hard to define because it carries different meanings with different people.

Spiritual: affected with or concerning the spirit or soul; a spiritual approach to life; spiritual fulfillment; spiritual values.

Principal: a rule of action or conduct (his overriding principle is honesty); a basic creed or belief (their principles do not permit the use of alcoholic beverages).

According to the dictionary, “spiritual” has to do with the spirit or soul. We all have different concepts of what spirit we serve, and that’s ok, this program is big enough to encompass all views. What is important is that we serve something other than ourselves.

Principal defined is a rule of action or conduct, in other words, what I base my life decisions on. Not what I say, but what I do. Why is it that we always want to be judged by what we say and not by what we do?

One of the issues that are most crucial after completing treatment in a drug rehab facility is to deal with the reality of a possible relapse.

All addicts must consider the possibility of relapse; it’s recognized by many treatment centers to be part of the process of recovery. Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s to be encouraged, but when it happens, the critical point is to limit its length and to figure out what was learned.

The most significant challenge for the individual in recovery is to remain drug-free after the conclusion of the program. This is often made easier with follow-up care done on an outpatient basis.

Drug rehab centers will usually strongly recommend that the person leaving the treatment program attend regular 12-step meetings. It is necessary so that the addict develops a support network. It is also essential to take on responsibilities for the fellowships to encourage the new member to stay clean and sober. He/she will also be invited to choose a sponsor and to get as many phone numbers of members as possible.