NA Meetings in Nova Scotia

Narcotics Anonymous is a global, community-based organization. They offer recovery from addiction by working the twelve-step program, including frequent participation at group meetings. The group environment gives help from peers and proposes an ongoing support network for addicts who want to seek and keep a drug-free life.

Narcotics Anonymous, doesn’t focus on any single drug, N.A. makes no difference between drugs including alcohol. Membership is free, they have no affiliation with governments, religions, law enforcement groups, or medical and psychiatric associations.

The Narcotics Anonymous approach to recovery from drug addiction is entirely nonprofessional, relying solely on peer support. It can be a good aftercare support group for people who wish to maintain a drug-free life no matter where they live in Nova Scotia.

What to expect at an NA Meeting

When you arrive, you will probably see recovering addicts welcoming each other and socializing. The newcomer is the most important person at any meeting – don’t be surprised to get a warm welcome!

Many meetings have a door greeter who welcomes people as they arrive & free coffee!

Although meetings are held in a variety of public locations, NA is not affiliated with any outside organizations, institutions, churches, or facilities.

Most meetings last for 1-1½ hours.

The chairperson will typically open the meeting with a moment of silence followed by readings, and announcements. The chairperson will then ask if newcomers and visitors would like to introduce themselves. Participation in meetings is voluntary.

If you choose to introduce yourself, many meetings have ways of welcoming the newcomer such as a “just for today” key tag, a schedule, and a hug. Sometimes a registry will be passed around for people who would like to share their phone numbers with you. Presenting yourself is an excellent way to let people know you are there and to meet new people in recovery! Don’t worry if you are shy – many of us have felt the same way in the past, and you are not alone!

Meetings use various formats like Topic Discussion, Speaker, Recovery Text, Just for Today, Step Meeting, Basic Step Meeting (steps 1, 2, 3), etc.

We are not concerned with the kinds or amounts of drugs used; we focus on the ways addiction and recovery affect our lives.

We share in meetings from our personal experience only. We do not react to other people’s shares (as in conversation). While members are sharing we refrain from side conversations and other distracting activities that may disrupt the meeting.

To respect the anonymity of everyone, we ask that members who frequent our meetings not reveal who our fellows are or what they say in our reunions.

Most meetings in Nova Scotia are known as open meetings, meaning everyone is welcome. Closed meetings are indicated in the meeting schedule. Only people fighting addiction and those who think they may be addicts can attend closed meetings. If you would like to bring a family member or friend to your first meeting, please be sure that it is an open meeting. Children are welcome at most meetings, parents often bring crayons and a colouring book to keep small children occupied. Some sessions have child care available.

You may see information pamphlets, books and activity flyers. Feel free to take brochures and flyers. Books are for sale at cost.