NA Meetings in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a large Province home to over a million people living in many areas. It’s not hard to feel isolated and lonely in the heart of the Canadian Prairies. Loneliness is something that hurts everyone, and it can cause individuals to turn to substance abuse and addiction to try to alleviate those bad feelings. In Ottawa, we are fortunate to have several centers that can help people find their ray of light in their time of darkness.

An option offered to its citizens is the well known 12 step program. Although Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have traditionally used it for many years, it may still seem unknown and even intimidating to a person who is unfamiliar with its methods. Understanding its processes, and knowing what to expect can help you when you first attend one of these meetings.

12 step meetings usually have a religious undertone, as it can help offer spiritual relief for the individual. It is something you should be conscious of before attending.
There may be group prayers, and group hugs at many of the meetings. You may choose to not participate in these events, and you can assure you will not be judged, and not prevented from enjoying the session. NA Meetings allows you to integrate into the group on your own time and will.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings usually consist of a reading from a dedicated tome of the program, where they will lay out the 12 steps in full, share experiences and words of wisdom with the group. They will concentrate on the present, but will always convey hopeful thoughts for the future. These groups stress support for one another, so they are always inclusive for everyone. Narcotics Anonymous do not force your participation or their beliefs on group members.

If and when you decide to join the group, the group is always accepting. The rules are plain and simple, consisting mainly of the promotion of common decency and politeness.
Arrive on time, not talking while others are sharing and no smoking during the meeting are the rules put in place so that everyone has a positive experience. The other members are not there to judge you, and they are there because they feel that a support group offers them a chance of living their lives without the darkness. The other members are there to help you. Typically, you will be given a list of their phone numbers, so that they can help pull you out of the spiralling pit of addiction if you feel you may relapse.

If you don’t want to share, you don’t have to. If you don’t want to pray, you don’t have to. Be open to the 12 step program. Be surrounded by others who have fought the same battle, and feed off of each other’s strength. Let the support of the group help you turn your life around, its worth a shot.