NA Meetings in Sudbury

Queen Elizabeth II School
32 Dell Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3C 2X8
Wednesday 7:30 pm (19:30)
Closed Meeting
Step Working Guide

Grace Family Church
426 Burton Avenue, Sudbury, Ontario P3C 4K7
Sunday 7:30 pm (19:30)
Open Meeting
Just for Today Study

Pinegate Addiction Centre
336 Pine Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3C 1X8
Monday 7:30 pm (19:30)
Open Meeting
Basic Text
Thursday 7:30 pm (19:30)
Closed Meeting
Question and Answer
Saturday 7:30 pm (19:30)
Open Meeting
Topic Discussion

Salvation Army
146 Larch Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 1C2
Friday 8:00 pm (20:00)
Open Meeting
It Works How and Why Study

Samaritan Center
344 Elgin Street, Sudbury, Ontario P3E 3N9
Thursday 12:30 pm (12:30)
Open Meeting