How Substance Use Becomes a Problem

People with drug addiction or alcohol abuse problem will be found to suffer from their addiction to various degrees. Addiction is not a one-level condition where it’s an absolute meaning; you’re addicted or your not. Most people who do drugs or use alcohol do so with a gradient approach. Most of us have experienced drug or alcohol at some time in our lives.

We either had a good or bad experience, and those that had a bad experience will most likely stay away from continued use. However, those who enjoyed that experience tended to play a bit more with the drug or alcohol. It gave us the illusion of feeling good, boosted our self-confidence; we had no worries. It momentarily took away any shyness, boredom, stress and other undesirable effects or emotions. 

Later in life, when things get rough or not entirely under our control, a painful emotional incident occurs, or any other unwanted condition presents itself; it’s a quick-handling to get a few joints of marijuana or a few shots of vodka. Well, when this becomes a solution to a problem, you now have a new situation. The problem with illicit drugs, prescription drugs and alcohol is that all these substances are addictive; their chemical composition acts on the body and nervous system, not to mention what it does to the mind and spirit. However, there’s a small window of opportunity for many people to take back control of their lives before it gets away from them. Our Online Intensive Outpatient Program is a service that can successfully help you recover your life.

Synopsis of our Online Intensive Outpatient Program (OIOP)

To start, our drug and alcohol treatment specialist will do a thorough assessment to determine whether you are eligible for our service. Once we have established your eligibility, We will build a personalized treatment program specifically for your needs. Your treatment program will be composed of three phases of consultation. 

The first phase is to cut down on the present consumption; this is like going through a withdrawal step in a residential treatment program, yet it is done in your own home (if no medical supervision is required) on your schedule with our online support counsellors’ guidance. 

The second phase will increase your understanding of the elements involved in drug addiction or alcohol abuse; with practical exercises, cognitive behavioural therapy, motivational interview and individual counselling sessions, you can begin to regain some control over your substance abuse. 

The third phase of our Online Intensive Outpatient Program is an introduction to self and what makes people do things against their will and overcome it. Using specific practical exercises and counselling support from our addiction counsellors, you can now regain some former confidence and start rebuilding your future the way you want it.

Our Online Intensive Outpatient Program’s success is proportional to the person’s determination and will to overcome their addiction. The expected results of such a service are: 

A person that knows and understands the reasons behind their substance abuse. 

A person that can overcome the craving to use and prevent possible relapse.

A person that has better control of their lives and are on the road to recovery.

A person that is healthy, happy, productive and has a positive mindset and lifestyle.

Substance Abuse in the Workplace

In 2014, the total cost of lost productivity due to substance use was $15.7 billion, an increase of 8% from 2007 in Canada.

These costs provide a relevant baseline that can help evaluate the impact of future substance use policy, practice, and other interventions, especially essential given Canada’s opioid crisis and cannabis legalization. 

Many of the people struggling with substance use are employees that work in oil and mining, construction, food service, arts and entertainment industries. Substance abuse issues are often associated with more extended work hours, physically demanding job requirements, and a stressful work environment. 

With most substance abusers being a part of the workforce, it shouldn’t be surprising that drug and alcohol addiction plays a large role in the company’s overall productivity and profitability. Not only does drug abuse in the workplace costs employers a large amount of time and money, but it’s also associated with many other negative consequences, such as:

  • More workplace accidents
  • Increased number of workers’ compensation claims
  • Higher turnover
  • Increased theft
  • Increased number of medical claim filings
  • Reduced productivity and performance
  • Safety risks for other non-substance-using employees

Additionally, employees themselves may experience negative consequences associated with substance abuse. Employees who suffer from addiction may experience the following difficulties at work:

  • Problems concentrating and making sound decisions
  • Frequent absences or tardiness
  • Decreased productivity
  • Frequent complaints about issues at home
  • Deterioration of personal appearance and hygiene
  • Avoidance of colleagues
  • Careless mistakes and inconsistent work quality
  • Extended lunch periods and breaks

These circumstances may also damage the company’s image, reduce employee morale, and hurt overall productivity.

Drug Rehab Institue is dedicated to assisting your employees in getting on the path to recovery and becoming a valuable and contributing member of your organization.

Call our dedicated drug and alcohol treatment specialists today for more detailed information regarding our Online Intensive Outpatient Program. We are looking forward to being part of your team and contributing to your employees’ wellbeing and the success of your company.

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