What treatment method or facility will you use?


First, what is the desired product of the intervention? This means, if the addict agrees he/she has a problem and wants help, you need to know what that help is. It is very advisable that the parties doing the intervention agree on what program or method will be best for the addict once he/she has agreed to receive help.


There are hundreds of drug rehab programs and many philosophies or approaches to treatment and generally the addict needs help in identifying one that is right for them. The result of which program or approach he/she goes to will determine if the addict relapses after treatment causing much greater complexity and further risk as well as continued pain and struggle for those around them.

“My husband and I sent him through many programs, each time thinking this would do it. We thought that programs we’re all the same and one was just as good as another. We found out that this is not true. We wondered if this would ever be over.”

Once the intervention team has decided on the treatment they intend to propose to the addict, they should contact the facility of their choice. They will need to determine admittance procedure; financial obligation as well as specific questions that remain about what treatment the addict will receive.

Remember we’re talking literally about the addict’s life and general quality of that life so doesn’t hesitate to be inquisitive. If the prospective treatment centre doesn’t adequately answer all pertinent questions or they are illusive as to expect outcome of treatment the family may want to consider a second opinion. Addicts live and die by their ability to recover so this is not a decision to be taken lightly.