What is Ketamine

Ketamine amends the sensations and perceptions of reality. It is also a hallucinogenic stimulant that recalls the effects of PCP. Depending on the amount consumed, it may have analgesic (numbing the pain) and fast-acting anesthetic. Ketamine is available in liquid, pill, or powder from. Ketamine is usually odorless and tasteless. Ketamine can be taken orally, sniffed through the nose or injected, when injected it acts immediately.

Ketamine is called “Special K”, “Vitamin K”, “ket”, “Kitty”, “K”, “ke”, “Big K”, “blind,” “breakfast cereal”, “cat tranquillizers,” ” horsey P “,” KELLER “,” Ketalar “,” kit-kat “,” K-Rod, “” Lady K “,” Super K “,” squid “or” wonk “.

Ketamine Symptoms

Ketamine Addiction

Ketamine causes hallucinations, euphoria, slurred speech and slow reaction time. If taken in higher doses Ketamine can easily put the user into a coma. When a person is “high” on Ketamine they feel very little amount of pain, because of this it is very easy for the user to seriously injure themselves. Ketamine is used in veterinary medicine and most of the Ketamine found on the street has been stolen from veterinarians

Ketamine Rehab Center

Ketamine has many side effects including chest pain, agitation, seizures, psychosis, delerium and paranoia. When withdrawing from Ketamine the user should be in a drug rehab center that has experience with dealing with Ketamine withdrawal as it can be tricky to achieve great results. Ketamine withdrawal is both a mental and physical process and should always be performed at a drug rehab center.

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