Marijuana Detox and Rehab Treatment

What is Marijuana

Marijuana comes from the leaves or flowering part of the hemp plant. It is one of the most widely abused addictive drugs in the World. Marijuana is usually consumed by smoking it using a pipe or rolled into a cigarette paper. Marijuana consumption is greatly trivialized because marijuana is considered a soft drug, which is now false throughout the decades. It is often the first drug used with alcohol, to experience the effect of drugs. If drug users were asked what the first illegal drug they consumed was, they would overwhelmingly answer that it was marijuana.

Other names of this drug from more than 200 names would be “husband”, “Marijane,” “grass,” “weed,” “green,” “O”, “bat”, “log”, “Firecracker,” ” spliff “,” jig “,” skunk “,” kif “,” drunk “,” shit “,” bunt “,” kif “,” tosh “,” Hakiki, “” ganja “, “jaja “.

Marijuana Abuse

Marijuana Addiction

Marijuana is a sneaky drug because we see only its destructive effects over time. However, it attacks, as do other drugs, vitamins and body, mental images, emotions and changes the person’s mood. Marijuana can also be addictive much faster than generally believed. This is not a drug that should be taken lightly because it results from the hallucinogen family. Marijuana, therefore, acts on feelings and perceptions of reality. Marijuana dilates blood vessels causing redness of the eyes. It decreases the amount of saliva and blood sugar in the body, which causes so much desire to eat. Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The concentration of THC in Marijuana varies widely depending on the variety, country of origin, culture conditions, and, of course, depending on the product’s preparation. Illicit cultivation of plants obtained by genetic manipulation whose active ingredient content can reach 45% today or more.

Marijuana Side Effects and Symptoms

  • Red Eye
  • Spontaneous Laughter
  • Drowsiness
  • Increased appetite
  • Paranoia, anxiety, panic, agitation
  • Coordination, motor skills and reaction times less
  • Loss of memory, concentration
  • Increased heart rate
  • Decreased blood pressure (possible fainting)
  • Disorientation
  • Abdominal pain
  • Drying of the oral mucosa and throat
  • Respiratory tract irritation
  • Hallucinations

Marijuana Treatment

When Marijuana is used, it has many effects, including increased pleasure, concentration, sensory and time perception. Marijuana is addictive physically and creates compulsive drug-seeking behaviour that affects all life areas, including education, family, friends, and general responsibilities. There are great drug rehab centers that handle marijuana addiction, specifically through programs designed to handle addiction. Our counsellors are available to take your call. 1 877-909-3636