Addiction Can Be Stop

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Addiction Can Be Stop

If you know someone addicted to drugs like cocaine, crack, pot or even alcohol, how many times have you said or heard the statement “I can quit anytime I want”? Yet, the person continues to use drugs. When approached about their drug use, the same thing comes up; I can quit anytime I want. So you throw it back and tell them then quit, and, of course, the response is “I’m not ready to.” There are various versions of this situation; whether it’s the wife telling her husband to stop using cocaine, the husband who is telling his wife to cut down on her drinking for the family, the mom or dad who tells the child that they are wasting their life with this partying and drug world.

When a drug addict has arrived at the point where his colleagues, family, and friends recognize there is something not right about the behaviour they are seeing and are commenting on it, you know the addiction has fully matured into a life-threatening condition. No matter what you say, the addict will deny it and continue in their destructive manner. Realize that it wasn’t always this way; probably, the person began to drink or use cocaine only on weekends. Maybe it only started with a couple of beers or a few joints after work; this then turned into a daily affair, but the person could still do things and keep their head above the situation. But at some point, which is different for every addict and alcoholic, they lose that scheduled use, begin regular consumption, hidden bottles to sip out of, and run to the men’s room every half hour for a short white line two.

These are all signs of full-blown addiction to illicit drugs or alcohol. There are not a lot of options at this point. You could ignore the signs and turn your back on this person and their self-destructive nature caused by drugs and alcohol. But you also have the option to do something about it. You have the ability to act, but you may be lacking some knowledge on how to approach the person. The best thing you can do if you decide to help this person is to contact a drug or alcohol addiction specialist who can assist you through this difficult time. Care and compassion will do more to help the person than a doctorate in substance abuse. Still, their guidance and experience will give you the extra support to get your family member, wife, husband or friend the needed professional help required to overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

There is no magical spell that will change the person, no fantastic snap of the finger or curing potion. It takes a hard, dedicated effort to get a person to accept their condition and then decide to act upon it and get the help they need. You can play a significant role on the road to recovery. Thousands of Canadians are presently living drug and alcohol-free lives, being productive members of society and happy to be alive. So many testimonies from recovered addicts show it can be done. It isn’t easy, and anyone who tells you different is lying. Drug and alcohol addiction is a serious issue and has genuine consequences, but it can be beaten. To answer the question, Can addiction be stopped at will? NO, that is why the condition is called ADDICTION.

Don’t be a spectator, be a player and get involved in the recovery of someone you care about, and if that person is you, you can be your own best friend. Call for help or assistance; our addiction counsellors are standing by to take your call, dial 1-877-909-3636