Addiction Not a Reality Show

Intervention Canada documentary series will be providential for some viewer

Addiction Reality

Several reality shows are out there, but the truth is that some of them are manipulated for dramatic effect. However, a show that deals with addiction does not need that because everyone who has been controlled by addiction or had a loved one on drugs knows that Drama is Addiction’s middle name. Just as a person can go online and see stories shared by those who have experienced what they are going through, people will identify with the documentary series: Intervention Canada.

Maybe you will watch it with friends and laugh along with them as they make fun of yet another round of reality stars. Maybe you will watch it alone. Either way, maybe inside, you will realize that yes, that does seem familiar because it happened to you or your best friend or your brother or your niece, or you strongly suspect that your spouse or teenager is doing drugs because the person is acting just like your loved one is.

Television shows yearn for ratings, and they admit that. However, some seek to help the public at the same time. Shows like Intervention Canada fall into this arena. The truth is, drugs are out there, as you know, or you would not be on this site. The truth is, there is help out there, too. So if you watch the show and need help for yourself or a loved one, come to this site or even any other site, because those who help addicts get clean want one thing: success for those addicted.

Any show that can educate teenagers and young people, any show that can say “yes, drugs are real, and they are not sexy,” any show that lets you know that you are not alone, these shows are worth watching to this writer.

Perhaps the Intervention Canada documentary series will be providential for some viewer, maybe even you. Help is out there. Help is available. Help is HERE. You are not here by chance; you are here because you deserve to be helped.

Some reality shows are not as real as they appear. Intervention Canada is real, and if watching the series helped you get help, then isn’t that as true as life gets? You deserve help. Thanks to treatment programs worldwide, thanks to websites such as this one and thanks to shows dealing with addiction’s reality, you can get that help today.