Addiction Shortcut to Disaster

Drug addiction strikes in Ontario

Addiction shortcut to disaster

There are more drug-related activities seen in Ontario than any other Province in Canada. The great lakes provide waterways to carry the drugs into Ontario, and then through roads, they spread all around. There is no apparent difficulty that seems to hinder the movement of prescription drugs and alcohol abuse because both are legal to consume. No matter what the substance is, addiction can offer threats to life. That’s why people from Ontario need to adopt a moderate inclination towards experimentation with new or illicit drugs.

35-year-old Miranda was born and brought up in Toronto. Knowing all these facts could not refrain her from becoming an addict. She was a party lover and thought that having fun with a little sampling of alcohol and drugs doesn’t turn one into an addict. According to her, only those people become a drug addict who has the weak will power and cannot control their desires and needs. She was fully confident that she can leave anything whenever she wishes, but this thing was only her perception of herself, and in actual practice, she failed to do so. If you think you are different from others and can’t become an addict, immediately wash away this fake confidence and become realistic. Discrimination of a gist addictive problem is indeed an allegory. That’s the point to worry because this is the most threatening issue. Once you got addicted, there is not another solution than seeking help or face the consequences.

Miranda’s minor fallacy slipped her from the job due to absences, late arrivals, and poor performance and drug violations. A lady who was once a powerful executive is now a welfare recipient.

What can bring her back to the same personality? Is there any other solution then Drug Rehab? Not really.

Ontario is rich in places where substance abuse setbacks can be handled. From alcohol to every drug, treatment is available, but the addicted individual should be the decision-maker for this treatment. Miranda is incapable of losing anymore. She can restore, but she has to muster up the courage to take that decision. It can be done. Hope she can make it.