Detox and Drug Rehab

Detox and Drug Rehab what comes first.

Detox and Drug Rehab, what is the difference?

Difference between Detox and Drug Rehab

We often hear these two sentences when someone we know is suffering from drug addiction or alcohol abuse: “you need to go to Detox” or “we must get you into rehab.” There is a big difference between drug rehab and detox.

When a drug addict has been using drugs or alcohol for an extended period, you will often find that the person’s consumption has risen. That increase in the consumption of drugs or alcohol can quickly bring health issues. That is the point where one’s personal health is at high risk of overdose, seizure, psychosis, etc. When you contact a drug addiction counsellor, they will often try to determine exactly the present state of drug abuse of the addict.

Once the addiction counsellor has determined the dependency level, they will refer the person to a DETOX or REHAB. The detox referral means detoxification. That is the process of getting rid of toxins; drugs and alcohol are actually harmful toxic elements. It is often heard in the expression “he is intoxicated,” which only means he has a high level of a toxic substance in his system. In many cases, the drug addict or alcoholic has consumed sufficient toxins that he or she cannot enter a facility and begin rehabilitation. They need to rid the toxic elements’ body first or neutralize the toxins as is done in many cases.

Once the person has flushed or stopped the toxins from deteriorating the system, we can now proceed with helping the person stabilize their condition with Rehabilitation; to bring back to a former ability. In other words, this is where the addict or alcoholic is expected to gain the means and understanding of their condition and given the tools to overcome future instances of wanting to drink or do drugs. This step of rehabilitation has such a wide variety of methods to achieve the results of staying sober and clean that it is important to know which is best for your situation. No one particular treatment works for every person, and each person will require a proper assessment to determine the best approach for them.

There are options for those abusing drugs or alcohol. Get informed about detox or drug rehab center near you. Anyone with a substance abuse problem needs our help; you can make a difference by calling us to resolve their addiction. 1-877-909-3636