Drinking and Driving

Don't let your loved one drink and drive

Drinking and Driving

Because of its popularity, we do not always think of the consequences that alcohol consumption can bring. Despite numerous campaigns on drinking and driving, we still find too many people, young and old, oblivious to the harsh reality that it can generate. Therefore, this surpasses the efforts of various prevention campaigns. Nevertheless, this action must continue because the percentage of people aware of these campaigns is still rising.

Unfortunately, young people’s level of awareness of the dangers of drinking and driving is often lower. That’s the reason every year we see several cases who have been partying, who consumed the alcohol and/or other drugs and who drive or board with someone drunk, often causing serious accidents.

One should always make sure of these points when you choose to drink alcohol:

– To remain at home or sleeping at the home of the person with whom they drink;
– To have a designated driver or take a taxi;
– Do not exceed the amount of alcohol to be legal if you are driving;

Whether we choose to consume alcohol to relax, to have fun, to hide an emotion or physical pain, we must not forget that this decision may, sooner or later, lead to an addiction that can significantly complicate our lives.

Therefore, we should try to find other ways to solve the real problems that cause our stress. This will certainly avoid falling into the hell of alcoholism or legal trouble from impaired driving.

It is important to know the percentage of alcohol in various alcoholic beverages:

Beer from 4 to 6%
Wines from 10 to 14%
Appetizers from 16 to 22%
Hard liquors from 30 to 60%

The following drinks contain the same amount of alcohol:

• A bottle of regular beer, 5% alcohol: 341 ml (12 oz)
• A glass of wine, 12% alcohol: 145 ml (5 oz)
• A glass of fortified wine (sherry, port, vermouth, etc..),16 to 18% alcohol: 85 ml
(3 oz)
• A glass of strong liquor or spirits (rum, vodka, etc..), 40% alcohol: 40 ml (1.5 oz)

Moreover, it is best to wait at least one hour between drinks.