Drug Addiction Affects Family

If you’re doing drugs it is affecting the other family members

Drug Addiction Affects Family

If you’re doing illicit drugs, whether daily or just sometimes, in either case, it is affecting the other family members. At first, you don’t see any harm in what you’re doing, a couple of lines here, a few joints there, mixed with some alcoholic cheers with the buds, where’s the harm, right? But this soon begins to turn from casual use to more regular use due to the addictive drug nature, to achieve those desired effects. And because what you’re taking is, of course, illegal, you have not told your parents or other family members, but they see something is changing. You’re a bit more secretive, not as straight forward. You are not looking at people as much, dressing a bit more careless, personal hygiene is lacking slightly, etc.

In other situations, maybe your family does know about your drug addiction and doesn’t care what happens. They’ve tried to reason with you; they have told you to get help, but you don’t hear them, and beside’s you can’t just quit. But for those with a hidden drug addiction who only use with the drug buddies, here is what is going on with the people you are not telling your story to; Mom is having less attention for your younger sister because she is worried about what is happening to you. Dad is making mistakes at work because he knows you’re doing something and is afraid soon he will need to bail you out of jail or get you from the ER. His boss is wondering why he can’t get those contracts moving faster and questions his job skills.

Meanwhile, your college grades show signs of weakness and your running late with some due reports. Teachers know something wrong; other classmates don’t want to group up with you because they can’t trust that you will be there for the project, etc. These are just some of the typical scenarios that a drug addiction counsellor encounters every day. The problem with drug addiction is that it blinds people from the world around them; they only see the drugs, whereas the world around them is crashing down and see you spiralling out of control, but you can’t see it.

There are so many people in society today doing some form of a drug, prescribed or not, that it’s a miracle the world is functioning at all. If you’re doing drugs, you can be sure that the people around you feel your actions’ side effects. So the next time you think of rolling a joint to heave in or scrape up a line to jam in your nose, take a moment and picture your kid sister, mom, and dad and look at your co-workers or classmates, your girlfriend or boyfriend. Now, look at the line of cocaine.

You’re the only one that can make the change, decide what is more important to you.

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