Drug Overdose Prevention



Drug overdose has become a cause for worry among Canadians. The scene has become quite dramatic because it has claimed countless lives every year; these deaths can be prevented by better initiatives and proper education on the subject. Citizens are advised to take action to fight against drug overdose.

Opioids Overdose in Canada

The cost of drug overdose prevention is minimal, and the gain is that it saves many lives. Overdose prevention programs aimed to educate the general population, not only people at risk of a drug overdose. They provide victims with valuable information. There is a drug called naloxone, and it helps in the reversal of the effects of a drug overdose. This drug should be made readily available so that it can save lives in times of emergency. This drug is also known as Narcan. It is not very expensive and works well in restoring breath to the overdose drug victim who becomes unconscious. Drug Policy Alliance’s report features a range of solutions that can save the lives of many people; it also includes the Good Samaritan Act overdose policies implementation in every province.

Purple Ribbons for overdose prevention awareness campaign is also an excellent way to educate the population on the risks of opioids overdose. The campaign goal is to disseminate awareness about the hazards of a drug overdose. It is a national effort to save lives and publish useful information to the people entangled in the web of drug abuse. About 11,000 members from all over the globe support this campaign. They share knowledge and get involved in the matter related to a drug overdose. It is our primary duty to help those who are in need. We can donate money or get actively involved in the matter related to the issue to work for this cause. We should get more and more involved in these issues and fight collectively.Good Samaritan Act

The state of drug overdose cases in Canada has become a serious issue to think over and get actively involved. If the reversal drug is made available, it will be a boon to the victims of a drug overdose. People should be educated as to which first aid they should give in case of a drug overdose. Everyone should keep strict vigilance on people related to drug abuse; they might need help at any time.

If you see someone going through a drug overdose,

Don’t hesitate to call 911.

Life depends on it.