Drugs and Peer Pressure

Peer pressure or being responsible

For a long time now, we hear about drugs and peer pressure being responsible for much of today’s drug abuse cases entering drug rehab centers. But upon closer look, there are many facets to this assumption.

First off, when a parent or teacher states that peer pressure got John started on drugs, and Alex started abusing drugs because he was friends with John, and Steve was a friend of Bryan who told John about a party who invited ….. and it goes on and on. So, where exactly is the “pressure”?

By definition, the pressure is something forced upon or imposed towards. These high school kids are all friends and know each other well. What if drugs and peer pressure were actually drugs and only drugs? Oh, surely, you will get the odd “coaxing” or “to be part of the cool and fun crowd.” But actual pressure, not sure it exists.

When a group of youngsters, teenagers are together and going out for a fun evening along the beach or some outdoor show. Not all are thinking in terms of “let get high on drugs.” In fact, there is probably less than 2% of the group that may have these thoughts. One person is more susceptible to drug use, mainly because it has more personal issues to run or hide from, and drugs became their solution to forget about their problems.

So when this one person gets the others’ attention, you will notice something happen; the second person who is willing to agree to drug use is usually the person with a similar series of personal issues that they are attempting to run from. It goes to the next and the next until this drug dealer meets someone in the group with a higher responsible attitude towards life and living and says NO!

In many cases, one person who says NO can reverse 3 or 4 others below them, at which point the group becomes divided. Now the dealer knows his clientele to sell drugs to; those who cannot face up to their personal problems or are stuck in doubt and cannot make up their minds will normally fall towards the drug user group.

The question is not so much about ”Is it drugs and peer pressure?”, but more ”Is my child educated enough to know right from wrong?” And ”Does my child behave as I taught them to?” These are parental issues, educational issues, and general social issues. A parent getting drunk in front of their children is not a good example of behaviour. A teacher agreeing on the marijuana issues is not a good example either.

The next time you’re faced with a decision of whether you should smoke a joint or sniff a line of coke because someone is offering it to you. Ask yourself this; “am I an individual with a good sense of right and wrong or am I a weak follower of destruction?” because your answer will determine your future as a well-respected member of society or a drug addict in need of drug rehab with no friends, family or hope.

Peer Pressure? Not sure. Say No to Drugs and Yes to Life.