How I Got Into Drugs

Alcohol can lead to Drug Addiction

How I got into Drugs

The way drug addiction started was the need to feel accepted by my crowd of friends and peers. I always thought that drug addicts were those poor blokes on the road who had nothing to go back home to.

It all started as fun and for a lark, like most things in life do. We had it all, an excellent job, a wonderful home, a great education, a happy bunch of friends and family who would stand by us. We had a great future staring back at us, and life seemed real, gung-ho and bright.

It started as weekend drinking as it was considered a regular part of distressing. After the hectic week at the corporate office, putting in hours and hours with no time to even see the sunlight.

One long weekend, a colleague and a friend suggested that a little extra might help relax more. Alcohol was no longer the same effective drug that it used to be beforehand. The more we drank, the less effective it became. Every weekend, we reached out for more and more before realizing that its efficacy was wearing off.

So, this particular weekend I popped in a happy pill that was handed over to me by my well-meaning friend. That was the beginning. That experience was euphoric. The way I began to feel was as though I could take the world on, and everything seemed far brighter and sharper. The music began to sound like it never had before; the clarity was amazing. I felt totally relaxed and distressed. The world of work, deadlines, projects to be completed, bosses, and pesky colleagues began to fade away in the background. In my mind, I was able to walk away from my troubles and never have to face them ever again.

The effect wore off the next morning, and I didn’t look or feel any worse for it. Unlike alcohol, there was no hangover, and that was such a relief. Nevertheless, I wish I had known what kind of darkness I was spiralling myself into.

The next weekend, the pattern started forming and very soon, it was deeply entrenched. And every week, the little bit extra began to become more and more. Finally, I stopped attending parties and social gatherings where I knew that the happy pills would not be available. Alcohol no more had the same impact on me. It was no longer good enough just to have alcohol.