Paying for Drug Rehab Treatment

Paying for Private Drug Rehab Center

Paying for Drug Rehab

When searching for drug rehab treatment centers for someone that needs help with their drug addiction, there are many options. The obvious one is the funded drug rehabs but these are often full, and usually, there’s a waiting list for their drug addiction program. The other option to treat drug or alcohol addiction is a private drug addiction treatment facility. At first many may believe these are simply too expensive, and you would be right in certain circumstances with the very luxurious drug rehab centers, but there are equally moderate and well reputed private addiction treatments centers available.

Most private drug rehab centers offer various options for payment, such as a payment plan, or financing. Other centers will require a minimum to begin the addiction treatment program and a steady amount throughout the whole treatment, either weekly or by monthly payments, considered a “pay as you go” system. Both options are under the heading of private funding or funded personally.

There are also financing methods to cover the cost of treatment; many financial institutions will honor a loan for such activity if the equity is good, and one’s personal credit is up to standards. In most case, the drug addict has ceased to be an asset for the banks or other creditors, and in the majority of instances, it’s family members that will take on the burden to help financially. In this circumstance, we are referring to private financing.

Some insurance company covers addiction issues, and these will pay in some cases up to 80% of the cost, but the private drug rehab centers would need to be on their service provider list. Now one may think that all the above is quite expensive to do if one requires a loan, etc. But the truth is private drug addiction treatment programs start as low as ten thousand dollars and can go as high as many tens of thousands. The point is that the life of someone you care about can be saved at less than the cost of a funeral, which is anywhere between $15,000 and $25,000. The difference is the life saved will last a lifetime.

Know your options get information about private drug rehab facility nearest you. If you know someone with a substance abuse problem call us for assistance in resolving their addiction, we may have other options.