Prescription Drug Abuse

Abuse of prescription drugs can be harmful

Prescription Drug Abuse

When someone is talking about drugs, we tend to think that this is related to Cocaine, Marijuana, Heroin and other street drugs. This may have been the case a couple of decades past, but in our day and age, there is an increasing concern with the misuse of prescription drugs. So what is classified as a prescription drug? It would be anything that requires a written prescription from a licensed physician or over the counter pharmaceutical medication. So how is it that this becomes abused?

In some cases, the person just continues to take these painkillers by seeing a new doctor and another pharmacist, etc. Governments have since tightened the line on this approach to getting extended renewals of the drug. Then we have the extreme prescription drug users, such as those people that will take just about any types of pills to get high. Many youths have been found to steal from their parent’s medicine cabinet or simply take them from the corner pharmacy.

Research into this prescription drug abuse has brought up a craze found in the USA and Canada called “Pharm-Parties.” Investigations have discovered that a group of people would meet at one person’s house and bring any types of pills they could find and dump them in a large bowl. In other words, there is a concoction of pills ranging from painkillers, high or low blood pressure pills, to anti-depressants, heart and liver medication, including Prozac, Ritalin, etc. This bowl would be left on a table for everyone to dip in. The results are unpredictable, and many have found themselves in the ER.

Prescription drugs in their own right are not harmful when taken as prescribed for a known condition. The real issue is why a person would take some pill that is intended to handle some other condition? The answer is that any drug taken is simply to be the effect of the chemical within the medicine or substance. Most people take a drug or a glass of alcohol to relieve some unwanted condition. After a hard day a glass of scotch or a beer takes the edge off, a sprained ankle is relieved with an anti-inflammatory, and aspirins tend to relieve headaches.

Abused drugs, medication, alcohol and such are taken to such an extent to relieve an unwanted condition that is hindering a person’s life. And that is called addiction. If you know, someone with this situation, Call us for assistance in resolving their addiction. 1-877-909-3636