Principals of Effective Addiction Treatment

Effective Addiction Treatment Center

Effective Addiction Treatment Center

It is good to know what successful approaches to treating addiction mean to determine an effective treatment for drug addiction or alcohol abuse. In the past, most drug addicts and alcoholics had minimal options for treating their condition. For many years, the only means was the Alcoholics Anonymous and 12-step programs. Over time with research and growing demand for drug treatment due to situations like multi-drug abuse (the use of two or more drugs combined to achieve a particular effect), more contemporary drug addiction treatment methods have been developed, but not all are effective.

So how do you determine whether this or that addiction treatment program is effective or not? It’s obvious that someone struggling with a cocaine addiction and goes to a 30-day drug rehab program three days after completing the program is back doing cocaine; it’s not an effective program. Others will consider that a heroin addict who kicks the IV injections and is now only smoking pot every two days is doing great.

Illicit drugs are poisons. They are not naturally occurring substances in the human body. The effects on the mind and soul are devastating; any substance that will negatively alter one’s state of mind and body is a drug and should be avoided. For something to be “effective,” which means by definition: “productive of or capable of producing a result” (Collins dictionary), must be able to produce what a person came to achieve. You want to quit doing methamphetamines. Then at the end of your treatment, you should be able not to use methamphetamines; you don’t want to drink alcohol until you go unconscious but would like to control your consumption, then you should be able, when completed, to have a nice dinner and share a bottle of wine and not have to have four bottles.

The only real principles of effective addiction treatment centers are results, results, results. Is this drug rehab center delivering what it says it is doing? Talk to past graduates and graduate family members. A good and effective drug rehab program should have the expertise to address drugs or alcohol withdrawal. They should have the means to address the physical damages caused to the body. Finally, it should have a proper therapeutic approach to re-educate or orient the person back to some acceptable social standard by which they can live a drug-free and productive lifestyle.