Private Addiction Treatment Centers: an Overview

Is Private Drug Rehab Centers a good investment

Overview of Private Addiction Services

To get a proper overview of what private drug rehab centers has to offer, it’s worth understanding drug or alcohol addiction. In the first place, there are not too many people who have never been in contact, at some time or other, with a person afflicted with drug addiction or alcohol problem. We all know the disastrous effect these individuals can have on us and others and the general environment. Drug addiction is a serious condition and should not be taken lightly, as anyone who has lost a loved one to a drug overdose or a drug deal went really bad can tell you. Just as alcohol can kill when mixed with a motor vehicle, so can drugs.

Treating someone with drug addiction, including alcohol, can be a challenge, to say the least. Each drug addict is not only fighting with their addiction, but they are also struggling to overcome the underlying reason for doing drugs in the first place. Each drug addict has his or her own personal reason, and this must be addressed. Various services are available to treat substance abuse such as outpatient clinics, inpatient, one on one counselling, walk-in clinics, harm reduction programs, peer programs, holistic methods and the list goes on. But most family members will contact their locally funded drug treatment center for substance abuse and get the information there.

Private Drug Rehab Centers a Good Investment

With an increasing drug-oriented society, the funded drug rehab centers are getting overloaded with demands for service. Unfortunately, the government budget is only so big, and often family members are told that there is no bed available and to sign up for the next available bed, this can take between 4 to 6 weeks. The only option left is a private drug rehab treatment center, but these are expensive, you may say; well, here are the facts.

For one thing, these facilities and their staff are working for you, not the government. Another factor to consider is that they are very service-oriented; this means you are an important client, and they want to ensure you are pleased with the service. Most private drug rehab centers will have a choice of shared or private rooms. There will be 24 hours of emergency staff and counsellors available. Most will have a large variety of dietary food menus that is both healthy and tasty. On the higher end market of private drug rehab centers, you can find tennis courts, swimming pools, saunas, exercise rooms, etc. all available for your comfort while being treated by professional, courteous staff.

When it comes to cost for private addiction treatment, ask yourself how much is worth the life of a family member, a son, a daughter, husband or wife? How much have I spent on enabling him or her? You may be surprised to find out that private drug rehab centers start as low as seventy-five hundred dollars and anywhere up to as high as fifty thousand. The lengths of time can be as short as 30 days and up to six months or more.