Random Drug Testing

Pros and Cons of drug testing

Random Drug Testing

People have different opinions about random drug testing at work. I have heard several people complain about it, stating it isn’t fair, that it’s a privacy violation. I have seen situations where a drug test came back positive on someone who did not do drugs, but either had a prescription or something that would make it show up.

What is your opinion? Mine is that I believe random drug testing at work is fine. I think it can steer some people clear of making one bad decision at a party because they do not want to have the bad luck of going to work Monday morning and having that random test done. That example alone has saved potentially thousands from falling victim to drug addiction.

Ask yourself this: are you worried about a random drug test at work? If so, then you need to see that as a red flag. Something that makes us nervous is something that needs to be investigated within ourselves. Are you taking a few too many prescription pills after that accident you had? Prescription drug addiction is on the rise, and one of the most frequent substance abuse problems around. College campuses and high schools are rampant with students smoking marijuana. However, if you are nervous about the possibility of a drug test, what does that say?

Stop. Get help now. Drug rehab centers work to ensure a person gets clean and has the tools to stay clean. They are not out to “get” you; they are out to help you. Success is what is at the root of drug rehabilitation.

If taking a drug test makes you a little anxious, consider the real possibility that you have a problem. Do not look at a random drug test at work as a violation of your privacy; look at it as a tool that helps you and your co-workers come to terms with the fact that one of you may very well have a real substance abuse problem.

Remember, random drug testing is not about getting someone in trouble. It is about getting a person’s help and ensuring that a potential drug problem does not wreak havoc for co-workers. If you are worried about failing a random drug test at work, consider getting help now and thank your employer for caring enough to have drug testing done.