Rock Bottom or Intervention

Because you never know what Rock Bottom will be made of...

Rock Bottom or Intervention

We have all overheard at some point or other the phrase “he hit rock bottom” or “he hasn’t hit rock bottom yet” in connection with a drug or alcohol abuse and addiction. So what exactly are we relating to when we say this? This expression only means reaching the lowest possible level or being in the worst possible situation. It’s odd human behaviour to see how you or someone you know can permit another person close to you or at least have a good relation with getting into “the worst possible situation” in life? So you just found out that your boyfriend, brother, sister or wife is under the influence of some drug, illicit or prescription, he or she is addicted. What do you do?

Most well-balanced people will confront the person by pointing out their behaviour changes, lifestyle activities, or the business’s financial crumbling. In any case, you will first and foremost face the person with the evidence at hand. In most cases, you will be lied to in response or avoided. If the situation has been going on for a while, there is a good chance this person will blow, disappear, take off and not look back. The vast majority of the population is good honest, working and caring people, we believe that others can falter, and we do our best to help them back up. In a significant number of cases relating to drug addiction, so many are not trained in this field of activity that without an answer or know-how to deal with the out-of-control drug addict, we conclude or justify our inability with “he needs to hit rock bottom” to realize he needs help.

Unfortunately, we never know what “rock bottom” will be made of. For some, rock bottom is an overdose and death. Other’s rock bottom is a drug bust and 5 years behind bars. Rock bottom is different for every individual and is not where you want a loved one to be.

When things are just not going great, and feel you need to do something, something can be done; this is when you hire a professional Interventionist. An Interventionist specializes in helping family and friends get through to a person addicted to drugs or alcohol and spark a chance of hope in the addict that he or she can avoid “rock bottom.” No one should ever have to find their rock bottom. Remember that every drug addict and alcoholic will have their personal unwanted condition hidden away from their substance abuse. It is the driving force to consume mind-altering substances to avoid an undesirable situation, whatever it is.

Illicit drug abuse, medication, alcohol are taken to such an extent to relieve this unwanted condition that is hindering a person’s life and causes what we label addiction. If you know someone in this situation, call us for assistance in resolving their addiction.