Signs and Symptoms of Drug Abuse

Signs and symptoms of drug abuse

Signs and symptoms of drug abuse

Do you suspect someone is abusing drugs? Do you notice something has changed with your husband but not certain what it is? Your son or daughter is acting differently, and you ask yourself if this is growing up changes but are not sure. All of the above are some indicators that can be related to drug or alcohol abuse. But these are somewhat generalized symptoms. How to determine the signs and symptoms of drugs or alcohol abuse will require more clearly observable facts.

Some of the things one will notice with a family member, a child or a co-worker who is abusing drugs, and these apply to anyone, whether male or female, young or old. At first, you can see a marked increase in excitement and enthusiasm for simple things. In some cases, with cocaine users, you will see an accelerated speech, they will often lick their lips and sniffle, unusual bathroom breaks. As the habit increases, the above become apparent, and a hunted suspecting look in facial expression will develop over time. With other drugs like Marijuana, you will usually see the initial euphoria followed by a lack of energy, drained feeling, and a sense of “elsewhere” with a slow response to simple questions.

Other drugs like painkillers, Tylenol or Oxy’s and Percocet will have their own set of signs, and at first, it is not evident, except that you will notice the pill bottle getting empty rapidly. Frequent requests for a new prescription before the time slot on the label will be noticed with excuses for why, which may seem very reasonable. Over time, the person is carrying the bottle with them, begins to take a pill for all sorts of occasions, and can get severe, where they will require a tablet to get up, go to sleep, etc.

Alcohol has its own set of signs and symptoms but is more socially accepted, makes it harder to spot. One of the reasons for this is that alcohol does not become addictive immediately. It happens over an extended span of time, similar to marijuana. A couple of drinks every Friday with the boys after work, become a drink on Saturday also, and eventually continues into Sunday for supper and then a drink on Monday, etc. it is the closest sign of a drinking problem that is escalating; it’s observable that the person’s drinking is moving into additional days.

Alcohol is particular that the amount can have a rapid addictive effect on the individual, depending on body type. In large quantities, alcohol particles will seep into a person’s fatty tissue of the body and store there when exertion is applied. These particle releases in the bloodstream and the person have a craving for alcohol and will justify a reason to drink and does so. As this increases, the person’s consumption will also increase. That is not a full list; however, it gives you a glimpse of what to look for.

In either case of drugs or alcohol, the signs and symptoms will be there. Be informed about the signs and symptoms of drugs or alcohol abuse and learn what you can do about it. But the main thing is not to discard what you see, don’t justify the life of a loved one. If you know someone with a substance abuse problem, call us for assistance in resolving their addiction.