British Columbia Addiction Services

Welcome to Drug Rehab Institute where our drug addiction placement counselors take great care in helping you or someone you know find the right drug addiction treatment program. Our counselors have over twenty years of experience working closely with drug addicts and alcoholics of varying ages and backgrounds. We realize that drug addiction is a difficult issue and is usually harder for family members to watch someone they care dearly about get further and further caught up in the grips of addiction. Our no cost service is to help ease some of the stress and hardship in locating a good drug rehab center.

When you call our addiction counselors we take this call very seriously and professionally. The counselor responding to your call will do a general case assessment interview and gather information in order to know what the situation is and what some of the specific needs may be. You should know that drug rehab centers all have different therapeutic approaches to treating drug or alcohol addiction and there are many thousands of different drug rehab facilities to choose from. Finding what is right for you may require some advice from our drug rehab placement specialists.

Addiction Services in BC

Our addiction placement counselors over the two decades in the field of drug and alcohol addiction have forged close relations with hundreds of drug rehabs in British Columbia and across Canada. We can find a suitable drug addiction treatment facility that will address your situation and needs. Whether you’re in Vancouver, Nanaimo or Jasper or anywhere in BC we can help you find the right drug rehab center for your needs.

Maybe you have tried the locally funded drug rehab center but did not get the expected results, possibly this is your first addiction treatment program; the first thing to ensure should be the right program. The facility and the program itself are vital to increasing successful recovery. The environment should be distraction free and the program should be well organized with very little down time. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation takes time and dedication.

Let’s not kid ourselves, drugs and alcohol abuse are now an international problem and hundreds of thousands of people are afflicted each year. We know drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome, there are thousands of recovered drug addicts and alcoholics that are now living drug-free and alcohol-free lives; you can too.

Drug Rehab Centers in British Columbia

Begin to take your life back from addiction in a drug rehab center in British Columbia.
It’s all about learning to accept life on its own terms – without resorting to drugs or alcohol.

This may seem like a simple task, but for those suffering from the disease of addiction it can seem impossible. In fact, asking an addict to re-evaluate their life and to consider a radical change to everything they know can seem overwhelming. In any drug rehab center in British Columbia, the addict or alcoholic will get help in assessing the patterns of thought and behavior and then looking at how those can be changed. Because it is only through change that the addict can ever hope to find real happiness. In a well-managed addiction treatment facility, the client learns that it is possible to be happy without the help of drugs and alcohol. Emotions don’t have to be terrifying; vulnerability doesn’t have to be hidden.

With the help of caring and certified addiction counselors, the addict can begin to understand how past destructive patterns and fears have brought them to their knees.

Here are some of the things that are likely to be offered from a drug rehab center in British Columbia:

A stable and structured environment that offers the client a secure and supportive place to begin the healing process. Many addicts come to drug rehab centers not only emotionally devastated, but also physically depleted. At the addiction treatment facility, they can reclaim their health and begin to see hope in recovery.

Individual therapy and counseling: One-on-one counseling is part of any successful addiction treatment center in British Columbia. The confidentiality of the private sessions may make it easier for the addict to confide in someone. And the addict can be given some direction that can be helpful in other group sessions.

Group therapy and discussion: People suffering from addiction will also benefit from group therapy because they get feedback on their situation from others who relate to what they’re going through. People need motivating stories, elements that inspires them. Stories, which make them, change themselves. Patients are divided in groups, which they would find easy to fit into and develop a bond. They are asked to discuss their stories and how they battle everyday without drugs. This helps each patient to cultivate a healthy lifestyle for him or herself and develop a positive outlook on life.

Educational workshops: Addicts get the opportunity to learn about addiction, its biology and its psychology.

You do not have to go hunting for a special drug rehab in British Columbia. There might be ample drug rehab centers in this area, but you might be unsure as to which one is reliable and can provide you with the results you are looking for. With Drug Rehab Institute, you can be assured of comprehensive solutions for all your addiction related issues. We provide you customized solutions that are tailored to suit the needs of each individual, thus ensuring a complete recovery. Whether you are old, young, alcoholic or addict, we can help you. A caring drug rehab center would not treat addicted individuals as patients; they would treat them as individuals who are willing to change. The very first step of enrolling with any drug rehab center suggests that the individual is on the path of healing and a new life. You would not just look for technically sound staff to take care of your relative suffering from addiction. You would want someone who is caring and patient. Addicts need someone who has the experience of years in handling addiction and behavioral issues. You would want the drug rehab treatment center which has staff known for their services.

Addiction problems in British Columbia

British Columbia is one of the major drug abuse provinces in Canada, partly because it is a coastal province and the other is it being so closely connected to the north-western coast of the USA. A lot of the drug traffickers attempt to enter into Canada with their drugs through Vancouver BC and even come as far away as Asia. Once the drugs have entered the country it is simply a matter of time before it gets into the hands of the unsuspecting person who is in need of something to boost their moral or escape some emotional ailment. However, the drugs make into the country the result is the same, some family member, friend or co-worker is addicted to drugs and losing everything of value.

In the rural and smaller cities, drugs such cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana are amongst the most popular drugs used. Alcohol stays the most popular “drug” abused probably due to the fact it is legal and it is often associated and promoted in the special events such as sports, festival etc. Even though there are more laws on the publicity of alcohol. A lot of major events are sponsored by alcohol companies. The cultivation of marijuana in the rural section is very active. There are several reports that confirm that it becomes an alarming situation mainly due to the fact that B.C is a large territory to cover by the authorities. The cultivation of marijuana is a business of more than 7 billion per year. It can easily be exported the U.S.

The situation in the major cities is different and there is more diversity of drugs in the black market. Heroin remains available in Vancouver even if other painkillers such as oxycodone, morphine and methadone are available on the street. Vancouver is one of the only places in the world that has a safe injection site. It had brought a lot of controversy amongst the different authorities and medical field. Even if people have really good intentions. This type of facility does not replace proper addiction treatment. There are some really good drug rehab centers in B.C where individuals can be gotten off of heroin and get therapy so they get their life back.

There are addiction services that can help you in to find a good drug rehab center in British Columbia for you or someone you love.

Drug Rehab Options in British Columbia

B.C. is now the leading Province for quality drug and alcohol rehabilitation. While most Provinces have pushed ‘all in’ with their Provincial harm reduction drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, British Columbia is paving the way with quality, cure motivated private clinics. There is much debate over which is a better model, and as Canadians we expect health care to come with little cost, however we are not here to debate this issue, but rather we do want to shed some light on your options.

When the word ‘Private’ is mentioned many conjure up images of Olympic sized pools, Gourmet Cuisine, and Club Med like activities. Like any private sector, you have options, and not all options for treatment are appropriate for everyone, but it is a fact that options are critical when it comes to addiction recovery. People struggling with drug addiction in B.C. now have a vast amount of options to choose from. Many factors are taken into consideration, including budget, assessments, and appropriate modalities.

This puts the power back into your hands. No longer are you forced into a cookie cutter curriculum which many not be appropriate for you needs, and associate with peer groups which you may not match well with. The only stumbling block in receiving quality private drug and alcohol rehabilitation in most cases is resources. Be enlightened, and shop around. There are multiple private drug rehab centers ranging in cost from $6,500 up to $30,000 a month, each offering something different.

The fact of the matter is you are no longer at the mercy of one treatment method, you are now empowered to choose.