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Find an Addiction Treatment Center in Ontario

When you contact our drug rehab placement specialists, they will do a general case assessment to determine the existing situation and any specific needs. With this information, the addiction counsellor can now present options of drug rehab centers and programs that best suit you and your situation. Over the many years working directly with people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction, our counsellors have established close contact with hundreds of alcohol and drug rehab centers in Ontario and across Canada.

How to Deal with Drug Addiction

When dealing with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, most family members will be experiencing some pretty difficult times. We recognize this rough period and are here to make this moment a bit less stressful for you and those you wish to help. We can answer your questions and guide you in making the right decision to bring about the desired results for you and those you care about.

If you are dealing with a family member or someone close to you who is suffering from an alcohol or drug addiction, don’t brush it off as a “phase they are going through.” Drug addiction is not a phase; it is an addiction, meaning the person is compelled to do it repeatedly. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Toronto, Hamilton, London or Kitchener with drugs or alcohol; things only go downhill if not dealt with on the spot. Waiting for the right time will only make things worse. Do your self a favour, call our addiction placement specialists today and make a difference in someone’s life, if not your own.

If you have a friend or a family member struggling with drug addiction and is unwilling to get help for them, loved ones may intervene. In fact, it is an out-dated theory that the people having an addiction must make that first step to get help. Often, it takes the intervention of family and friends to get the addict into treatment. Addiction to drugs boils down to the addict’s decision, or choice, to take that first pill, that first drink, that first puff or that first dose. No one intends to become addicted, but no one would if they didn’t abuse drugs or alcohol in the first place. There is no disputing that an addict’s life turns to pure hell after a while, but it all started with a choice.

An addiction counsellor is on standby to answer your call and give you the help you need. We look forward to working with you to resolve any alcohol or drug addiction problems you or your loved one might have.

Drug Addiction in Ontario

Ontario is one of the most densely populated areas in Canada. It is only logical that it also has one of the largest populations suffering from alcoholism and drug addiction. The alarming thing is that while 10 years ago, cocaine was the most used drug; today, it is prescription drugs. Narcotics such as Oxycontin, Fentanyl and Hydromorphone have significantly risen in use and popularity.

Ontario has become one of Canada’s top provinces over the last few decades, with possibly the highest concentration of drug and alcohol addiction problems. Though Health Canada is aware and doing what it can to change the situation, there are still too many Canadians suffering from drug or alcohol abuse for the number of beds available into residential addiction treatment facilities. We can help you find the right drug rehab center for your need.
Drug addiction is in the major cities and the smaller cities of Ontario. It destroys lives, families and communities. Billions of dollars are spent every year due to alcohol and drug abuse.

Drug Rehab Centers in Ontario

The main objective of any drug rehab center in Ontario is to bring their client to become drug-free and sober.

This is an essential step for any drug rehab center if any recovery is going to be possible. But it’s not the only thing that has to be done. Abstinence is considered the first step because it’s very difficult to look at the root causes of addiction when the addict is still in full using mode.

Drug rehab centers know that until one suffering from drug addiction clears their head of all mind-altering substances, it’s impossible to establish new, healthy living patterns.

Every drug addict or alcoholic will have their own personal unwanted condition associated with their substance abuse. This condition could be physical, emotional or psychological. In either case, the drug rehab center you enter should address this condition with a well-structured addiction treatment program and bring about an understanding of the relation to the substance abuse issue.

People afflicted with drug addiction issues often come to the drug rehab center physically depleted, emotionally distraught, and psychologically confused and fragile. The first step for any good drug rehab center is to establish a healthy routine and stable living environment for the drug addict or alcoholic.

This starts with the basics: good nutrition, regular sleep, and exercise (though not too strenuous at first). As the addict begins to feel better, they also become more open to taking other steps towards getting better in the long term.

Medical Detox in Ontario

Some drug rehab centers in Ontario have medical detox accessible to help clients overcome their substance’s physical withdrawal. Detox is most often needed when the client is a heavy drinker or a user of opiates like heroin or pain killers like oxycontin and fentanyl or benzodiazepines like Xanax and Clonazepam.

Generally, people struggling with cocaine or marijuana addiction don’t require medical detox before moving on to a residential drug rehab center.

What is the Solution to Addiction

When a loved one has an addiction problem, it becomes a problem for their families and friends in many ways. If you are ready to solve this problem, we can help. Choosing the right drug rehab center can mean the difference between success and failure.

It starts with the right drug rehab center and addiction treatment program in Ontario or elsewhere, we can find it. All you need to do is call today and start your journey to a better life. We know alcoholism and drug addiction can be overcome, thousands of recovered drug addicts in Ontario are now living sober and drug-free lives; you can too. But you need to make the first move.