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If you or someone you know is struggling with drug abuse or any other addiction, contact our counsellors now. We can find the right drug and alcohol detox or rehab center to suit your situation and particular needs.


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St.John’s Drug Addiction Centers

You or someone you know has a drug addiction problem, and you need to find a drug rehab in St. John’s, but you find out you’re somewhat limited in your choices available. You can go to the government-funded drug rehab, but most likely, there is a lengthy screening process, and probably a 6 to an 8-week waiting list, or you can call a drug rehab referral counsellor for St. John’s.

This service has been set up to overcome just such problems people encounter while searching for a drug rehab center for someone they care about. Our drug rehab referral counsellors have worked with drug addicts and alcoholics for many years and know well the subject of drug addiction.

These drug rehab referral counsellors also have close ties with hundreds of drug rehabs in Newfoundland and across Canada; being in the field of drug addiction gives the advantage of knowing what addiction treatment centers offer in their drug treatment program.

Detox and Rehab Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in St John

Detox and Rehab Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in St John

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, contact our drug and alcohol rehab placement specialist now.

Drug Rehab Centers for St.John’s

A drug addict also has their underlying reason for starting drug use in the first place, and this must be addressed as well as their drug addiction. There are as many reasons for starting to use drugs as there are drug addicts, and not all drug rehabs will be set up to deal with every aspect of drug addiction. We want you to succeed in your recovery from drug addiction or alcohol abuse.

To do so requires the right drug rehab that suits your situation and needs. We know thousands of people that have successfully overcome their drug addiction or alcohol abuse, thanks to having gone to the right drug rehab. Whether in St. John’s Newfoundland or elsewhere, the right drug rehab will increase your chance at recovery.

Find out which drug rehab is suited for your specific needs and scene. Call our drug rehab referral counsellor today.

Find a detox or rehab center for your drug or alcohol abuse that will suit your needs; call us for immediate assistance