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We know drug addiction can be overcome; thousands of recovered drug addicts and alcoholics can attest to this. But it depends on the drug addiction center and type of approach that is used. Find out which drug rehab center is right for you. Call today; a drug addiction referral counsellor is standing by to help you.


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Regina Drug Addiction Centers

You’re on this website because you or someone you know needs a drug addiction treatment center in Regina. Regina has its government-funded drug addiction centers for its residents with drug addiction problems but may not be able to service you at this time.

Many government-funded drug addiction centers across Saskatchewan have a waiting list that can go up to 6 or 8 weeks. You or a loved one cannot be put on hold, especially when that person with a drug problem asks for your help.

Drug Rehab Institute is there to aid in situations just like the above, where you have searched for a drug rehab center in Regina and got frustrated with government run-a-round. But the internet search can be just as frustrating with hundreds of thousands of results for drug rehab centers, drug addiction treatment, addiction help centers, etc. With so many results choosing the right drug addiction center in Saskatchewan can be difficult.

Detox and Rehab Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Regina

Detox and Rehab Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Regina

If you or someone you know is struggling with drug addiction, contact our drug and alcohol rehab placement specialist now.

Drug Rehab Centers for Regina

When you contact our drug addiction referral counsellor, he or she has been working with drug addicts and alcoholics for many years. They also have good ties with hundreds of drug addiction centers in Saskatchewan and across Canada. Most drug addiction centers will address the drug addiction problem and some associated issues. But will it address your underlying drug addiction issues is the question we can answer.

The service we offer is free and includes the initial drug screening interview, case assessment, and referral placement in Saskatchewan’s right drug addiction center or as need elsewhere in Canada. The key to a good recovery from drugs or alcohol abuse is the proper drug rehab. Let us help you do that.

We know drug addiction or alcohol abuse can be beaten; we have many hundreds of recovering addicts attest to this fact. It all begins with the right drug addiction treatment center. Find out which drug treatment program is right for you, call today and speak to our experienced drug addiction counsellor.

Find a detox or rehab center for your drug or alcohol abuse that will suit your needs; call us for immediate assistance