Short Term Inpatient Rehab

What is Short Term Inpatient Drug Rehab Center?

Short term inpatient drug rehab centers are an extended stay in a drug treatment program. The decision to choose between short term care and long term care is unique and individual as the drug of choice and the person addicted. These matters, along with several others, are taken into account by the professional counsellors and then discussed and agreed upon by all involved, most definitively the center and the person requiring the care. A short term inpatient drug rehab centers are, on average, a 30-day stay. It is a condensed and very intensive treatment.

Short term inpatient drug rehab centers care helps a person to first go through withdrawal. Ninety-nine percent of the people who check-in for short-term care are still high or still have the drugs in their system. The withdrawal can be an extremely rough phase, but it can be done with surrounding professionals’ help. Once the person has detoxed, an individualized treatment plan is set up for that person, including therapy, group sessions, and starts to guide the person into a position in his life where he can adjust and learn to live without the drugs. Once a person learns to live without the drugs, he is then directed back into society with the aids of halfway houses, group therapy and support groups and individual therapy.

What Makes a Short Term Inpatient Drug Rehab Center Successful?

Short Term Drug Rehab Centers

Reputable short term inpatient drug rehab centers focus on the patient. If the addict does not have a successful recovery, then the drug rehab center does not have a successful statistic. Word of mouth is still the number one positive and negative way to define a reputation. When it is known that a short term drug rehab center puts its patients and their recovery first, then word spreads and more people will clamour to get to that particular center.

Individualized care, support for the addict and family members, treating the problem itself, and the patient make for a successful recovery. Short-term inpatient drug rehab centers are a focused, hands-on program that gets to the addiction’s root and heart and helps the addict recognize the patterns that set up a destructive path, thereby helping him counteract them as urges cravings come up and fend off a relapse. The bonus feature of short term inpatient drug rehab centers is that people can learn how to live without drugs successfully.

Why a Short Term Drug Rehab Center Makes Sense?

If you have decided to take the step to recovery and turn your life around, reclaim it for you and your family to enjoy, then why not go ahead and jump in with both feet and make sure it is a whole-hearted step? Short term treatment is available, but the benefits of long term treatment far outweigh them. Is it better to completely live off drugs for a while before re-entering the world, getting off of them, jumping back into a situation, and having a higher risk of relapse at the first stressor?

Think about it. The extra time needed for the short term drug rehab center route is worth it versus the possibility of one or more relapses going the outpatient route and having to keep re-entering a treatment program. By going with short term inpatient drug rehab center, you can get the drugs completely and totally out of your system and learn key steps to keep you on a successful route as you re-enter society, life and all that it encumbers. You and your family are worth it. Call for help finding a short term rehab center suitable for your needs 1 877-909-3636